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Stupid Co-workers

Conversation that just occured in my office:

him: "I’m only going to be here until 10 - I’ve been here since 4 and got all my work done."
me: "Does that mean that everybody has work to do?"
him: "Yeah, I guess."
me: "Well, there are people who need to be supervised - just reminding you that that’s a part of your job too."
him: "I don’t get treated like a supervisor." Walks out and shuts my door nice and hard.
me: <. insert swear words and almost-tears here .>

Damn. Do you think that if you acted like that, you’d get treated like a supervisor?

Do you think I’m overly emotional today? (answer: yes, its a green thursday, I could cry at anything today! And its really stupid, because I can track these days very obviously - why don’t I just stay home?!!!)


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