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Poem about HR Journal

via everybody, including Kristin, I tried out Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator and got this smile

Hopeless Romantics story of the ones that mall....
and my Peachtree for
Periwinkle Haze I love
valentines stuff,
some paid
for less, so weak walking
the day right now I
go to the
new design and try
to get
me familiarized to some wedding immensly
while that this weekend! Well,
we had seen on
the stairs,
I know a majority of harem
Taurus black part of
newsgroups, I probably need to
me, dearie! You today. : Posted by
far as
far the lights
we headed out of the
guy at the same time
as a space one with
our shower necessities,
so silly, but such a lot
of some
huge purchases with all
Archives All of the top of
the other day. Its so
towards loving him : On saturday
and trash can find out,
if I need a little closer
to have
insurance help us since
Botanika on
the computerized world... is a
bit and a sweetheart!
Posted by kristine at 5 like
a car and a
new tagline for Buying...

neato *g*


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