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Google and Dejanews and other online reading...

Reposting this because something was wrong with the prior post.... I’m not sure at all what happened. So I closed that post, and I’m trying again - this is from earlier this morning, and so was Rina’s comment which I’m also reposting!

Oh, this could be a good thing - Google acquires Deja’s Usenet service. (thanks, Laurel for the info!) I have had no problems with Google (and they are by far the highest referer to my site, thanks to my blog/journal and some of the things I’ve posted like lyrics and stuff *G*), and I’ve used Deja since it was dejanews.com to read newsgroups on occassion. AOL’s newsgroup reader has always sucked, and so dejanews was the best option I had at the time. For a while, I used another service, which stopped offering free reading. And now, I have newsgroups through @home, but I’m not always at home *g* So let’s hope that this is a helpful switch smile
Oh, you are wondering what newsgroups I read?

  • ABC-G, home of the WeekendTheme challenge which I do whenever I can find the time to spend.
  • Paint Shop Pro newsgroup - I helped write the very Frequently Asked Questions sometime at the end of 99 when they started them, but I haven’t frequented the group lately.
  • Peachtree Newsgroup - I haven’t found anywhere else to get free help on my Peachtree issues - and the author of my Peachtree for Dummies book frequents the forum and has some great suggestions.
  • I’d like to start reading a photoshop group - probably this one to get me familiarized to this not-PSP program *g*

Not too exciting, huh?! *g* I suppose that while many people read a lot of newsgroups, I have had a few more mailing lists I read. That’s Rina’s fault. She got me started. And now, I don’t even read any fic lists (except a few update lists to some of my favorite pages) - that was my original vice! See, I liked it a lot when it was ONElist. Then, they merged with eGroups, which made more more problems. Now its YahooGroups!, which bites big time. Hello, why should the ad colors bled into our emails?! So I wish we’d go back to ONElist *g* My favorite mailing lists? First and foremost, Angelquotes, which is what I’m *supposed* to be typing about right now on the text screen I minimized *smirk*. Beyond that, I don’t have too many recs for lists- although Rina would tell you the evil lists I’ve read in the past LOL! I do have some great recommendations if you’d like some wedding lists - I enjoyed these (wed2000, ultimate wedding) immensly while I was planning, and still try to keep up with the newlywed lists.

Do you have a favorite place you read? A newsgroup, a mailing list, an UBB, or message board that keeps you happy? I’d love to hear about it. I’m always changing what I’m reading, and I love surfing to find more things. So feel free to comment your favs smile