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This weekend!

Well, we had been saving for quite a while to go shopping this weekend. We’ve known for a while that we would want a real livingroom and diningroom set for this house, and so this weekend, we made some huge purchases with our hard earned and saved money smile
(ie., please don’t take this as a braggy post - I’m just so excited to be able to get all of this stuff; some on credit, some paid for already; and I wanted to share!)

Wanna hear what we got?
We went to City Liquidators Vancouver location, which had nothing and basically sucked. *g* And then we went down the street to Koplans, a large Broyhill distributor. We asked to see casual dining room sets, and they sent upstairs to a big huge room with the older stuff. There weren’t any sales people up there or anything, just a giant area filled with furniture! And lo and behold, there was this perfect light wood table - its just a nice rectangle with a butterfly leaf inside - going from 6 seats to 8 seats, with 4 chairs that come with it smile I’ll be able to integrate the chairs that I have with these chairs (mine are white and oak, and the ones that come with it are just oak, but I could do every other, and I think it would look nice). So that was exciting, and definately about in our price range smile

Then we went to Red Robins - yum!

I was SO wanting to go to Old Navy after reading Khara’s blog and posting myself about it, so E let me walk through. I feel so guilty buying things with him there sometimes though, so I set down the cute shirt I wanted and didn’t buy it. We walked by Garden Botanika on our way through the mall, and didn’t see any signs of them closing, even after reading in the paper *sob* that they will be closing their stores soon *sob* I’m so sad! The paper implied that they’d still be selling online and in other stores... so I guess we’ll wait and see what happens. I’ll definately be stocking up before they go out of business - thanks, Lily, for the note smile and I’m sorry, Khara - your mom did read it right....

Anyhow, so then we went down to the futon store (America the Beautiful Dreamer - whose website has been down since I checked it on saturday) and finished picking out and purchased what we wanted smile We got a full size and a love seat, and covers in Legend Amethyst (a deep purple almost chenile-feel) and pillows, and a coffee table and an end table. The frames of the futons are a light wood, full couch height, and have inconspicious drawers underneath them. They look really classy, and they will really make our living room look like a home, where we could welcome people into instead of our office and living space as it was before. (The futons and stuff will be delivered on Saturday, and the covers will be in at the mall in 2-4 weeks) We will probably need some lamps/lights of some sort for the living room, but we’ll see how it looks when we get it set up. We also need a stand for the TV!

After that, we moved on over to Bed Bath and Beyond, one of my very favorite places to go. We bought the bathroom organizer set we’d been looking at - a behind the toilet shelf, a towel rack, and a magazine rack in a brushed silver/pewter look. They look really nice, and I’m excited about getting some picture frames with that same silvery look to put on the wall in there; as well as some more accent objects like Klennex holder and toothbrush holder and trash can to match better smile There was an over-the-door shower organizer that we decided would really help us with all our shower necessities, so we got that too. We also purchased the lights we had seen on Thursday night that we liked for the bedroom - Mica Floor Lamp and Mica Table Lamp - they warm up the room so nicely with an amber glow, and its so nice to have light in there. Oh, and a paper towel dispenser. . . we must not forget that *g*

Moving on, we went to Walmart to try and get the lights we wanted, only to find they were still out of the (and now they have taken them off of their webpage. So we’ll have to keep looking for office lighting. And so we tried and tried and tried to find someone to help us with getting the vaccuums down off of the shelf - boy, I felt for Jill as I stood in line with a bunch of rude people. I definately had to share with E how happy I was for her because she was so excited to not be working at that store anymore! Boy was I glad to leave that store!

We finished up the day right by visiting Baskin Robbins and tried out some new flavors - I had a blue mint casper something and a chocolate cherry one, and E had a space one with dark cholate and white chocolate stars and cookie comets and something else. It was lots of fun smile And then we dropped our purchases off, and went to Columbia to see the girls play their last basketball game of the year! They lost by quite a bit, but it was fun anyhow smile

Fast forward to Sunday morning, and after some playing around the house and sorting and a little nap and that kind of stuff, we headed out with our paper in tow for Shari’s for breakfast. E wasn’t very hungry for some reason, so I ate a bunch of his meal with mine *g*

We went back over to Koplans and purchased our table (we were going to get it without the chairs and get all matching white chairs, but they said because it was discontinued, we had to buy the package, so we did... and it’ll be okay this way). (We need to call and schedule this delivery) Then we went over to Good Guys and Circuit City. The guy at Good Guys was helpful and pointed out some great TVs and VCRs, but Circuit City had the VCR for less, so we bought them both there *g*

The last thing on our list was Fred Meyer, and it was only 1-something so we were doing good; we needed some groceries and a surge protector and some under bed rubbermaid containers. But we wanted to drop off the TV/VCR first. E had some difficulties getting it out of the car and up the stairs. I tried to help, but I’m such a weenie. By the time he got it to the top of the stairs, he was just DYING. So he went to lay down, and come to find out, he musta had something like a flu bug because he had a scratchy throat and lots of muscle aches and super-upset stomach for the rest of the evening. So we didn’t leave the house again for the rest of the day and he didn’t go to work this morning. Poor sad Eric....

So that was my weekend - really productive, dontcha think? smile Now I get to go home and try to make E feel better, and start sorting the living room a bit and try out my vaccuum smile Yea!


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All very exciting stuff, Kristine! Will you post pictures once you’re all settled in?

Wow! Sounds like a busy and fun shopping weekend! Sounds great!! Thanks for thinking of me while at Walmart. HUGS Such a fun place huh? LOL Yep, I am THRILLED to be outta there. :o) Kinda funny... on my last night the supervisors were saying that I’ll be missed and I was like, "Yeah, uh-huh...same to ya...BUH BYE!" LOL

Dara, I’ll definately be posting pictures. I need to get another disposable camera and take some pics of the livingroom and diningroom particularly before - I got a few of the upstairs rooms already. I can’t wait to share all of this pretty stuff with you guys!!

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