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Lush and GB

Laurel posted some info about Lush - they make fresh handmade cosmetics.... Kinda a cool idea; but it reminded me that it had been a long time since I’d visited Garden Botanika or their page *g* I really need a new mascara, and my Toner and Mosturizer are really low. Hmmm, maybe I am gonna need a trip to that mall.... Mervyns had a cute little lingerie thing I was really eyeing for this next week or Victoria’s Secret is just down the way from all of these places.... And SO IS OLD NAVY!!

But how can I go to all of these places with E in tow? *sigh* I need to either go alone or with Meg or something. I miss having girlfriends sometimes.

Oh well, maybe I can con him into letting me go to GB because of the mascera, and then make him sit in a bookstore while I go run around to the other places?? *g*


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I’ll go with you, Krissy. I totally feel your pain - I have the same problem. Well, except I don’t actually have anyone to necessitate a stop at VS for. But I definitely need a shopping buddy, and I have no one! Not fun at all.

My mom told me Garden Botanika was going out of business...could this be true??

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