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Driving Sucesses

I was so proud of myself on Tuesday afternoon. Mom had me drive her car to my house, on their way to Columbia for a basketball game. But instead of going my comfortable and now-familiar back way, she had me go on the highway and up 164th. The highway wasn’t much of a problem, just faster, but not too hard... I’ve done that coming back from my house. But going up 164th is hard with a stick. You have to get on the road, get over to the center lane (3 lanes) and go through 2 stop-lights all in the space of a 1/4 of a mile or less. AND the 2nd stop light is on a fairly large incline. AND it was in 4PM traffic, so there were a lot of cars. So that was the scene: picture me in mom’s little 83 Accord Hatchback that has a tendancy to stall... made it fine up the hill, across the 3 lanes, and into my turn lane... But crap! The light changed and I had to stop at the light, on the hill, with a truck really close behind me. I’m sitting there going "omigod, omigod, omigod - I have to speedily take off or I’m gonna roll and hit that truck!" So I wait and I wait and get all nervous. The light changes and....

I DID IT!!!! Only went back a teeny bit while I switched from brake to gas, and I went around the corner perfectly.

I was so proud of myself smile That was a great success in my learning to drive smile Pretty soon, I’ll take my written test and then pretty soon after that, I’ll take my driving test,and I’ll be ready to drive on my own smile


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