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Happiness is....
Coming home from work early and getting to fold the clothes at the bottom of the stairs.
Coming home from work early and getting to finally find a home for another box of kitchen stuff.
Getting to sit on the couch in E’s arms and watch last nights Buffy.
Sharing laughter while cooking in the kitchen with E.
Being able to think that soon, this house will feel like a home.

I feel so much happier lately. I hadn’t really noticed it until E mentioned that I have been humming and making up silly songs to go with whatever activity I was doing at the time. And that reminded me that my mom said that when I was little, I’d sit in the corner and play with my toys and sing along as I played.... and she told her friends that I was a happy little girl. Well, dispite all of the obstacles that are before me, I feel like that happy little girl again smile Don’t ask me what the change is - I really don’t know. I mean, the stress of the move is over, but I added more stress by decideding to spend 10+ hours a day at work. But when I am home, I am simply blissful. Thank you, God, for giving me this glorious feeling.


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