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As you can see, I added some valentinification (ya like my word?! *G*) to my journal!

Do you want to feel all valentiney? Would you like your desktop to look the season? Or do you know someone who loves changing their graphic sets for holidays? Oh, do I have the answer for you!

I have a few new graphics sets (all new ones have journal/blog templates) up, but especially with you guys in mind, I made some desktop graphics because I thought they might be fun for those of you who already have 2 kazillion graphic sets smile

Click to open the window with the desktop in it, and then right click on the graphic to save it to your hard drive
redswirl icon

Red Swirl [800x600]
Red Swirl [1024x768]
[Red Swirl Graphics Set]
rosebw icon

Sophisticated Rose [800x600]
Sophisticated Rose [1024x768]
[Sophisticated Rose Graphics Set]
valblog icon

Valentine [800x600]
Valentine [1024x768]
[Valentine Graphics Set]
[Antique Hearts Graphics Set] [Red Hearts Graphics Set]

(please remember that if you use the graphics sets or share them with someone else, check out the terms page)

Speaking of Valentines graphics, there are some great valentiney redesigns that I have to mention smile Belle of Afterdark has some gorgeous little hearts and a beautiful pink theme, Gina of Recycled Thoughts has some soft country-feel hearts on her page, Bev of Living in Hormoney has a really pretty heart background, and Khara of Chocolate Covered has had her valentines up for a while, and I love them! I’m sure I’m missing someone, but because I love valentines day (and especially things that have to do with love, hearts, and red/pink!), I had to point all these out! smile I have to say, I’m so tempted to buy a valentines shirt that says LOVE in glitter or something like that and write with a fabric pen below it "Productions" *giggle smile


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Damn, Krissy! I haven’t changed my David desktop since you made it for me, but these are so cute! I might have to temporarily lose him. Of course, that *would mean a Valentine’s Day with no Mulder at all, but I think these are cute enough to make up for it. LOL

Thanks for the compliments, dearie (((hugs)))

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