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Moving Notes

I can’t stop playing Bejeweled. . . I got 7050 at one point last night, and that’s my highest so far smile I’m so bad, I needed to be packing, but I’d play for a few minutes, and then go sort a box... and then play for a few minutes, and throw away more stuff... I found my copy of Premiere Magazine that had cute pics of Brenden Fraser and just *had* to set it aside for Christie *giggle*. But I threw away so many good old Soap Opera Digests that had a bunch of pics that I probably could have made money selling on ebay if I had the time! I found a bunch of my wedding stuff - notes and left over programs and candy bar wrappers and wedding weekend newsletters and stuff - I don’t have the heart to throw any of it away yet! So its all moving with me, and I’m gonna get a scrapbook and put it all together and the rest of it will go in a nice big rubbermaid box for now smile

I washed clothes last night - we found out yesterday that our new washer/dryer is backordered until after February 15, so that means we’ll have to go to the laundrymat at some point or (as E says) wear dirty clothes for February *g* So tonight, I am going to put away all of the clothes that I can and pack as many of the rest of them in suitcases as will fit, with all of my hanging clothes and sweaters and stuff. If I get the bedroom done tonight, then I’m gonna see if my sisters will come and help with the kitchen stuff on friday night after school - packing the food and the dishes in the cupboard and all of that stuff so it’ll be ready to move bright and early on saturday morning. We can pick the truck up as early as 9, so then we’ll have the whole day to get all of the big stuff in - I think we can do it smile And then anything that’s left, we’ll take carloads on Sunday. The girls and mom have to stop helping by 4:30ish to go to CAA for a game, so we want to have as much done by then as possible.

Oh, and we found out our only real option for setting up AT&T@home again was Saturday afternoon! So sometime between 1 and 3, we have a cable guy coming - in the middle of our moving!! AHH!! Oh well, it could have been a whole lot of time before they could do it again, and I hate to have weeks of no service!

Well, enough about my moving stuff - I have more bloggy comments that I want to make later on, but I need to get back to work!!


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I’ve got Troy completely addicted to it, too! He’s playing it AT THIS VERY MOMENT. wink

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