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Bored at Work..

Ya know, some days at work, I feel so lathargic.... I just don’t really feel ambitious enough to complete any project, and none of the new ones look like fun . . . And then I turn to my webpage and say - I’ll just read one or two blogs.... or play one or two games of bejeweled.... or post a question.... or visit sites I haven’t been to in months. I am so bad. But bored. Anybody wanna come and add up these payroll numbers so I can play? *g*


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Being out on disability and with a lot of time on my hands, I decided to put together a little site where people can go to peek at all the bizarre auctions going on over at eBay...enjoy!

I really appreciate the link you gave me on your site but could you
please change it from http://strangeebay.com to

eBay is forcing me to do this and I apologize for the
inconvenience...thanks, Nick

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