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This weekend

This weekend, we packed. Our living room is covered with boxes, and we are only 50% of the way done! We have all of the bookshelves and many of the decorations packed. We packed all of the nice dishes and many of the appliences. I sorted my closet and brought a huge load to Goodwill. I sorted old memorabila boxes from 3 boxes down to 1. But we still need to sort the wedding bedroom (its been covered with wedding related stuff since early last year *g* the leftover decorations are still in there, and need sorting through. I need to pack my closet and put all my shoes in their boxes. And then everything else in the kitchen has to go - but we didn’t want to loose all our dishes cuz we have to eat here one more week smile And the bathroom hasn’t been touched yet.

We took a break from packing for long enough to have Red Robin for lunch yesterday while we were out bringing clothes to Goodwill. And we replaced the network card in the server at work to see if that fixes our error messages. I’m crossing my fingers that this works smile

I got sucked into Paint Shop Pro this weekend. I had some brainstorms for designs just begging to come out, and I gave in, even though I had a lot to do smile I’m silly! And I played The Sims between all that. My families are doing so good! They are getting friends now!! smile

And now, its another day at work. My dad will be in this morning, I’m guessing, and so I’m hoping that its not *too* crazy there. But I must go rebuild Peachtree before Annette gets in, so making it in on time is essential! smile

Have a great day, my friends!


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