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To Work or not to Work... that is the question!

Every time I woke up and looked at the clock this early morning, I debated going to work or not going to work. My throat is still really sore, and that made me just keep going back to bed. But at about 5:45, I finally decided that the only way to tell was to get up and walk around. My joints and overall body is less tired feeling. (Wow, I can actually move!) My throat is really sore, but I sprayed some chloryseptic spray (which always makes my tongue numb LOL!) and I think I can live with the soreness. My nose is still running, but not as much. That’s the key here - its all not as much. So I could stay home, recover, and be alive enough to feel guilty for not being there. Or I could go to work this morning, get a little more done, and if I feel worse part way through the day, go home. I think I better take the 2nd option. Otherwise, I’ll feel too guilty. Why do I have to have a conscience? So many co-workers don’t *g*


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Poor Kristine. sad

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