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Getting Sick again...

After playing all morning and then relaxing with Eric for a while yesterday, around 2ish I got a headache. Not super bad, but enough that my body was tired. Then I started sneezing. And by 2 hours later, my head felt stuffed up. That was very fast! I didn’t know where it came from - Matthew was sick, but he was feverish, not stuffy-headish. But apparently mom and Megan got it from Matthew and had a little different incarnation of his. Lisa called to tell me around 6 last night that Mom and Meg were sick and not happy at all, and that she was the only one who didn’t have it yet. Well, that explains it. I sat really close to Matt at the basketball game on thursday night (cuz I think he was cold and trying to stay warm)... and so it would make sense if I just had a little different version of his cold. *sigh* But I can’t be sick. I have WAY too much to do to take any days off this week. So here I go, popping pills and bringing klennex with me to work. I’ll be trying to be positive to not get sick! smile


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