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Some New Places To Visit

I know I’ve been to aquula.NU before, but I found it again this morning and like this design smile I also visited digital.ramblings, and it seems familiar to me somehow.

I got sidetracked somehow. I was reading my daily loves, and then I started looking at StorTrooper blogs, and now I’m looking at Greymatter sites *g*

The list of Greymatter Sites has gotten HUGE! I love the name of butterfly garden. And not only do I love the name Claire, but the butterflies in a jar on the top of digivixen are super cool! I found via i am what i am that Kelly’s daughter Nadia is blogging now at Nadia.Nu How cool!

Back to my regularly schedule surfing *g*
(I love this popup blogging option - makes it much easier to do smaller posts smile Yeah for Noah!!!


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