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Have I mentioned yet how much I can’t wait to have a new place to organize? That’s part of the enjoyment of the torture of moving for me. I hate moving, I hate packing, I hate the stress that goes along with it... but along the way, I’m going to get to have some new places to organize. I have two huge closets in our new place - one in the master bedroom between the bedroom and the bathroom, and one in the 2nd bedroom (dubbed the Game Room by E since it will house our computers and entertainment center with the game systems and TV!).

So anyhow, I want closet organizers. Have any of you done these before? I’d love to see/hear about them smile After the newest Home Depot commercials, I visited their page and found a link to this Closet site. I want to look at more like this later smile

I really want to buy the new book I heard about called Organizing from the Inside Out... I’m debating about getting it online or trying to go to B&N this weekend. smile

More later - this was a stress reliever from my *sarcasm dripping* wonderful day at work!


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I’ve wanted to try those out too! Right now I desparately need to organize my bathroom, yikes. But yeah, that’s the fun part of moving. New places to put your furniture, new walls to hang your pictures, but ugh, the process it takes to get there. LOL! Good luck!

kristine - i really love moving for some strange reason. (might be why i do it so much). lol in '99 i was sick of NY after a year and wanted to move back, and brian kept saying 'shouldn’t we be packing?' i kept looking at him and saying, 'hun, you just leave it up to me. i pay the day before we move.' he thought we weren’t going to get it all done. heheh..

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