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Sports, Links, and friends

Last night, I drove to Columbia. My sisters BOTH lost their basketball games last night. They were creamed! The Junior Varsity played good, and tried hard, but lost... and the Varsity just got smeared... it was like 12 to 72 or something... The team they were playing was WAY above their level, and no matter how fast the girls ran and tried to shoot, there was always someone in their way and they were rebounding quickly and making the baskets. But it was nice to see my sisters play smile I didn’t get home till almost 10, though, and every day this week, I’ve been so tired that I’ve been in bed by 8:30. Wow, so I was tired and getting grumpy by 10 *g*

And oh, cool, the Stor-Troopers out there grew a whole lot after I left work last night!!! I added to the comments below some of the links to my friends smile

It is always really nice to see Khara and Cheryl posting smile They are so busy sometimes that we miss them for a long period of time, and it was exciting to see them both back yesterday smile


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