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This is pretty interesting -

This is pretty interesting - Marti Noxon Interview. Marti has written a lot of really cool Buffy eps, and her next one is Dec. 19 (which is also the next new ep). It’s not really spoilery, but says that the ep will be almost exclusively Buffy/Riley. I’m not sure how I feel about that... Also, there’s going to be a Willow-Anya heavy ep later in the season, "kind of buddy buddy." Also not sure how I feel about that one. LOL I mean, on one hand, they kinda hate each other. On the other hand, though, Xander is/was Willow’s best friend, and Anya’s his girlfriend, and it would be cool to see them as friends and not just tolerating each other for Xander’s sake. I guess we’ll see. : )


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