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I talked about the Weekend

I talked about the Weekend Theme and how I had made the introduction for it yesterday. So I’m sharing the two images I’ve made so far from the images I picked smile

click on the images for the full sized version

"When a Picture Comes to Life" This one is what happens when you draw and the fairy from your drawing pops right out of the picture and comes to life smile I used the grid as a graph paper for drawing and made the lily pads a drawing on the graph paper. The sparkles helped create the magic which made the fairyangel come to life smile Fun, huh?!

"The Touch to Make a Painting Come to Life" The painting seems to come to life by the touch of a fairyangel wand smile PSP7 used - I love the brush stroke effect a whole lot smile This was just a lot of fun!

It was a fun way to relax after a long day at work smile (Note: I meant to add these descriptions a few hours ago but came back and realized that I didn’t <.giggle.> So now they are here!)


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