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This has been a relaxing

This has been a relaxing day at our house. I sat and worked on my redesign for quite a while this morning, got caught up almost on my soaps, watched some tv, took a nap, played spyro, ate, played with a few more graphics for the weekend theme, and just rested. It has been so nice smile
I need to do some cleaning tomorrow... this house is just trashed! And especially now that we are moving soon (Jan), we need to have the house clean so that we can pack when the time comes.
I also need to take my car out for a drive. I’ve been very apprehensive about it all day. That’s what happens when you didn’t get to drive much when you *first* were learning, and the people teaching you only made you cry. You never get your license or even really learn to drive! So now I’m a retard - 24 years old and I can’t get another permit because our state doesn’t give out that many because I’ve tried to get on the ball to get my license many times now but never found the time to actually practise. So I have to learn to drive in the country or parking lots, and learn to drive a stick, and learn the rules of the road. And I have less than a month. Anybody have suggestions on how I can learn it all that fast?!! Both my mom and E have offered to help, but if I had my choice, I’d have Meg help me. She’s so busy, though. We’ll see, hopefully it will all work out!
And I need to actually order the Christmas presents that I found online this morning smile So tomorrow will be a little less relaxing and a little more work, but I’m glad its the weekend!!!!!


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