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I'm on this Anne of

I’m on this Anne of Green Gables/LM Montgomery list called Kindred Spirits, and one of the things we’re talking about now is the Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. For the most part, we think it’s an okay movie but horrible as an Anne movie. KS really messed with our stories and characters. <.sigh> But someone posted this top ten list, and it just cracked me up.

Here are the top ten "Anne" sequels that Kevin Sullivan is currently considering:

10. Marilla’s In The Mist
9. Carmody of Errors
8. The Carroty Kid
7. Jonah of Arc
6. Huckleberry Lynde
5. True Grit
4. Indian in the Cuthbert
3. Blythe Spirit
2. Puffed Daddy

And the number one "Anne" sequel that Kevin Sullivan is currently

1. Gil, Interrupted


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