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Its Monday. That means it

Its Monday. That means it back to work. But I had a really good weekend, so I don’t feel bad about that. And plus, Annette’s supposed to be back today and I’m looking forward to seeing her. I was going to call her several times this weekend, but I hated to bother her recovery time after surgery. I’m not a very good friend sometimes that way. But she doesn’t even know about my car!!
I went out driving with mom and megan around the parking lot for an hour yesterday. I’m starting to feel the place to start giving it more gas and less clutch.... its hard, but I think I will get it smile
I worked for a while yesterday. I wasn’t going to, but there was such a big pile of stuff that I really needed to have dad’s help w/this stuff and he’s got a full week of stuff that has to be done away, so this was my last chance for a week.
When I came home, Eric had spent some time cleaning - what a nice guy smile I should have spent more time doing that too, but I got small things done. And I worked tons on my computer stuff.
I have a few things I must do before I leave for work, so have a beautiful day, my friends!


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