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Can stress make your cold come back?

Well, it looks like this week is going to leave me at a very small quantity of time for correspondance and journaling. (see more for my stress) I already am an antisocial friend. I have been terrible lately - I don’t even turn on AIM or AOL lately because I just don’t have the time to talk to anyone. My emails for just chatting to friends are few and far between. I don’t actually SEE any friends any more because I am running every moment I’m awake - that makes me sad!!!!

So this morning, now I’m sneezing again. Can stress make my cold come back? I was feeling better, but now, I can feel my head stuffing up. I guess I’m just going to permanently be on dayquill. Either the cold or the stress are making me tired again, too - I didn’t make it through Titans on Monday or Buffy on Tuesday - I had to tape them both!!!

So enough whining!!

Looks like Zal and Belle did a good thing yesterday... they spent time offline together getting other things done. What did you two accomplish? Will you come and help me with my Christmas presents that I still need to make? *g*

Khara’s is back from Las Vegas - how cool!!! Can’t wait to see pics smile

Another new look for Lee and Jim at holloweblog - I’m jealous because it changes so much and looks SO good every change!!! But I’m sorry that late night mommy duty was what caused it....

Hey Belle - you reminded me.... just watching the previews for Days during Titans monday night made me want to watch Bo and Hope’s wedding, and I haven’t watched Days for several years - you’ll have to tell me how it turns out smile
I love soap weddings because they have unlimited budgets and BEAUTIFUL stuff smile (I’m watching the tape of General Hospital from Monday right now, and its got part of Ned and Alexis’s wedding, and its so pretty!)

I really enjoyed looking at the picture that Gina posted a link to of a satalite overview of the planet and its beautiful lights smile

Well, time to send out angelquotes and then get ready for work - have a super day, friends smile

I got so stressed out at work yesterday. I have absolutely not even one nerve that isn’t frazzled left. I hate that inventory and the end of the fiscal year is at the same time as Christmas. I simply can’t be counted on to do any of my normal work while this changeover of software is going on. And then, after I’ve been working for days on part of the process and I had 3 people helping me enter yesterday, the program locked up and had an error in the inventory data!! I FINALLY figured out how to export the records and spent a straight 2 1/2 hours (from 3:30 until 6) rebuilding the file because somehow it had gotten mangled and like 2 or 3 or 5 records had gotten merged into 1 for half of the items. So its back now, but how do I guarentee that it won’t do this again.... *sigh*


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