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Another evening! :-)

Jill decided on a new name - Emotional Tapestries - very nice name, and full of meaning!

Ya know, Dragonball Z is funnier on mute with Christmas music LOL!

I saw that poor Misty’s computer might be fried - I’ll be crossing my fingers that it all comes back happy and safe. As for recommendations, I have an internal Iomega zip drive in one computer and an external Iomega zip drive attached to my home computer. Both are great smile I should back up a whole lot more frequently than I do *g*

zorblog is kinda cool - found her comment on gilli’s journal and had to go see who she was - I like the snow on the top of the page smile

I’m procrasting. I need to be rolling candy canes smile I want to do it, I just am going through my list of friends first. And now DZ is over, so I can listen/watch soaps as I do this smile

Oh, Bronwyn redesigned sidebar smile The snail is cute smile And she led me to Gypsy.nu which has a very nice design!

okay, I’m going to the kitchen now. I swear!!!


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