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Qsent products available on AT&T wireless plans

Qsent has a new press release out - looks like the next step in expanding how their products are available to consumers is now in place smile I love watching for things like this! I’m very excited for this company and their growth capabilities. I get to hear about the people who work there from E all the time, but I’ve only met a few of them - I get another chance tomorrow night at the company Christmas party, which sounds like it’ll be a full scale huge deal! I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.... First, I have to figure out what I will wear! I think my long purple velvet stretchy dress. But I don’t know what shoes or what I’ll wear for a coat or wrap. Maybe I’ll ask Meg if she has any ideas or things I can borrow smile Its to be the weekend of parties for me! Friday night, Qsents party; Saturday night, Locatis Leather’s party that I’m making all the cookies for; and Sunday, Eric’s birthday party! Sometime in between all of that, I must wrap the presents that are going to CA to E’s family. I am hoping that I’ll have all of them by then so they can go together smile


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