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Another morning :-)

Wow, it looks like a snow day for our area again - Camas and Washougal BOTH are closed! I wonder if my sisters or brother will have it off too.... its only 5:42, and usually things change over the next hour for the worse as people actually are able to SEE how much ice is on the ground! E said that it was really slow coming home last night - this weather is bad!

A beautiful redesign at Inspill smile The red is so pretty and Christmassy!

Dara was listening to Metallica and it brought me the reminder that I almost got that CD memorized after listening to it almost every day with one of the guys who drove us to school my senior year! Brings back fun memories! Eric laughs at me now when he catches me mouthing or singing along with any of these songs smile

I received a beautiful card from Carol smile How did you know that I *LOVE* snowflakes so much! Thank you, hon! Maybe next year when I’m more organized, I’ll send out snowflakes - I’m a snowflake cutter extrodinaire! My Christmas tree has quite a few flakes settled in the branches - a few years back, I made snowflakes and then dipped them in wax so they would be stronger and hang nicer smile Some of those are still in my box and so I put them on my tree - it looks so pretty! If I would have redone this blog to be Christmassy, it would have had snowflakes smile

Maybe I need to make some more snowflakes, just for fun?!!! smile


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Hey! You’re hogging all the snow up there woman! smile

Well, actually, we only got like 1 1/2 inches down here... and it was gone almost as soon as the rain started up again..... Then it turned to ice and the school buses don’t like the ice apparently LOL!

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