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Lee mentioned {{linkmo http://surprise.com/ Surprise.com|A present searching site}}, and if I had known about it about a week earlier, it might have helped me a whole bunch.
But actually, I still have a few presents that I have yet to purchase, so it still might help me smile I have 3 little girls (E’s cousins - Lori is about 14, Katy is 10ish, and Juanita is 2) to shop for, and its hard because I only know them a little bit, and I don’t know their likes and personalities very well. For Lori, I’m kinda liking this idea - Black Journal with some Gel Pens, but I’m not sure if that’s something she’s interested in. Let’s see, Katy - if I was 10, I’d want a Barbie, but we got her one of those for helping with the wedding. Maybe an Easy Bake Oven! For Juanita (or Jasmine, as E’s mom wants to call her - she says she looks more like a Jasmine *giggle*) - if I was 2 again, I’d want a {{linkmo http://surprise.com/kids/2_year_old/little_people_farm.cfm Fisher Price Barn|the old ones were cooler, but hey, they dont make them anymore}} Might be a little more spendy, so we might want to just go to toysrus.com and search - like maybe a Duckie!
I’ll keep thinking smile


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Ugh! Shopping for kids that aren’t yours, how I hear that! LOL! I was out doing the same thing and had no idea what to get. Plus I have no idea if what I buy isn’t something they already have, that’s the hard part. I thought about buying my 5 year old niece an Easy Bake Oven as well (the price is great!) but couldn’t quite remember if she already had one. So I ended up buying her a blow pen art set because I figure she’s in kindergarten and when I was in kindergarten I loved to color. Then I have a niece who’s about 12 or 13 and I just love to buy for her 'cuz she gets all the neat "teenage sparkly things" that I still love. Teenagers have the coolest stuff I swear. So I got her this neat daisy shaped lamp. Then I have a 7 year old nephew that I got one of those hand held video game things for. I really hope I did good. It’s hard work being an aunt. LOL! Good luck on your own shopping!! smile

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