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wow. I'm just totally flabbergasted.

wow. I’m just totally flabbergasted.
My sister just told me that my dad had taken up smoking again. He started when he was young (I’d guess 14-15ish) and then quit when I was 8. So he’s been very proud to be smoke free for so long.... but the other day when I was in his car, it smelled smokey. I didn’t think much of it except that maybe he had driven my brother home (he smokes), but now Meg just told me that she saw him w/a cigarette. That makes me feel bad for him. I’m just not sure what triggered this, but his health is so bad at the moment that this isn’t going to help it. <.sigh.> It would be really easy for me to blame my brother for this... always smoking around dad and stuff even when dad craves the nicotine and has said that he’d never get over that craving. But its probably not Leonard’s fault. <.sigh.> I’m not sure what to make of these feelings right now, but wanted to write them down.
(just a disclaimer - I’m not against smokers, I just feel bad that my father gave in to something he was so proud for giving up)


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