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Yesterday afternoon, E and I

Yesterday afternoon, E and I went looking at apartments smile We had lots of fun - last weekend, we had done some reseach to figure out which ones we wanted to look at, and so we drove around for a while, and hit 4 of them. We found that some don’t have a large enough 2nd bedroom for what we want - It would be super cool if we could put both of our desks, our current entertainment center and tv and game systems and our big couch all in a 2nd bedroom and then get some nicer stuff for our living room and this would give us a better place for entertaining. (Not that we do much of that! I’d like to be able to at least have my family over and that kinda stuff, though!) E would really like the idea of a garage, so that’s something we are going for. I’d show you some links, but most of the apartment sites don’t have very good systems for getting to the sites - every link is relative rather than permanent, and that doesn’t help me <.g>
It was lots of fun to look, and we have a few more places to see before we make a decision, but I can see this being a cool change for us at the beginning of the year smile


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