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I'm not happy about

I’m not happy about how my yesterday went. I woke up TOTALLY sore all over - but especially my right leg.... it does this to me every once in a while, my calf feels like it either has a huge knot in it or its been hit by a basketball repeatedly! Then I got a TERRIBLE headache.... it was making my face tingly on the right side because that was the side where the headache was focused. It took forever for it to go away, which made E think it might have been a migrane. In the middle of the headache, my dad called and told me for the first time that he needed a pile of stuff printed from work to take with him on this sales run - why couldn’t he have asked on friday? It took me over an hour to do that, and then he asked us to take them over to his house, so we went over there and then E spent several hours trying to fix their computer (modem is confirmedly dead). So we didn’t get home until 4ish - what a big waste the whole day was? I didn’t get ANYTHING done at all besides work/family crap. I don’t even like calling over there on the weekends anymore because I’m stressed every time I talk to them <.sigh.> But I did get to see my sisters, which was nice, but I’m sad that nothing got accomplished


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