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I still haven't gotten rid

I still haven’t gotten rid of the overwhelming feeling at work. Now that I’ve finished the graphic site I was working on last week, it helped with the overwhelming feeling at home, but I’m still trying to catch up on stuff. I wish, that just for once, I could not feel overwhelmed. I work so hard and so intensly at work that I put my entire mind into what I’m doing, and its really hard to shut off those thoughts when I go home, and then I get so into the stuff I’m working on here that its hard to turn off those thoughts when I go to work. Its a vicious cycle, and sometimes it really makes me down. If it weren’t for Eric and his stress relieving techniques smile, I might just turn into a little stress bundle and never leave my apartment!!
It sure doesn’t help that my dad gives me SO much to do all at once. And then when I spend hours thinking of a solution to one of the many issues I’m working on for this new program integration, he totally cuts down my idea, and without a good reason! So that brings me lots of frustration and gives me lots of reason to think that I am TOTALLY not getting enough money for the amount of work I am doing.
So now I don’t know if I feel better for releasing this into my journal or if it is just getting me worked up about my stress again!!! Well, its Thursday. The week is getting closer to being over smile And tomorrow, I am baking cookies for the employees during break time smile Yea for cookies!!


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