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Did you get it all

Did you get it all done, Belle? That sounds like a pretty big list of stuff to work on!! smile

(long linky blog to follow!)
Yesterday, I did the same kinda thing - left the house and spent the day with my husband smile I had a major craving for Spaghetti Factory’s managers favorite with half mizinthra and half meat sauce, salad with creamy pesto, ice tea, and spunmoni smile Yummmmm!!!!

So we went there and hung out at Barnes and Noble for a while - I looked at Dori’s Javascript book (list mom on my wise women list smile ), and a fun rubber stamp book, and I looked for a while for the book Khara was reading, but couldn’t remember the title.
From there, we went to CompUSA to search for a few things our business needs - CD-RW drive, Monitor, CD-RWs, a mouse for Annette, and a cheap modem for my family since theirs died. I think we found good options for the CD-RW - either a HP (8x4x32 - $199.99) or a Teac (4x4x32 - $149.99). We didn’t find a monitor that was too cool, though. Why do all the them have edges that blink and change so badly when you minimize and maximize things? Blah. We did get a 10 pack of CD-RWs so that when my new computer (specially configured) gets here, I’ll be able to start burning things so I can reformat my old computer, which is *accidently* hiding directories on me, and not giving me extra space when it looses them!
So then, we went over to Staples since CompUSA had no label makers. I found a Brother PT-65 that seems like it would be great for our needs and got some tape and batteries for it smile

We priced Quicken 2001 Basic and Quicken 2001 Deluxe for my mom, and then decided to write down the price for Money 2001 Standard as well, since she’s probably using at least Quicken 2.0 on her computer right now for her personal finances.

Then, we went to visit a few more apartments that we didn’t make it to last weekend smile We didn’t actually get to go in any of them, but found out prices and we think we may have tenatively decided which is the best. The Springs has a great layout, and 1261 square feet (we currently have 1000). The garage is included in the price (and attached to the house), and the bedrooms are really nice sized. The kitchen isn’t as big as I’d like, and there isn’t an extra bedroom for guests, but we’ll be able to fit our office in the extra bedroom without a worry, and we’ll just get a hide-a-bed for the living room and then if we have guests, they can stay there smile The rent is MUCH lower than any of our other favorites, and it was built as a condo, so the walls are thicker and more soundproof. It doesn’t include a Washer/Dryer, so we’ll have to buy that, but that would have to happen eventually when we got a house anyhow. We’ll have lots more furniture to purchase as well, but we knew that would be the case w/any of them smile Plus, the location is better than most we looked at - its right near the highway, so it won’t be a long drive for me, and it’ll be about 5-10 miles closer for E (not a huge difference, but a teeny bit)
Here’s the layout:

cool, huh?

We went to the mall and hung out for a while - there’s a new Electronics Boutique (oh, the site says Final Fantasy IX comes out 11-14; we kept looking at places to see that date, but didn’t find out! I must tell E!), and E wanted to go to that and Software, Etc., and I got to walk through Garden Botanika, where I saw so many things I need! Its been SO MANY months since I’ve bought makeup! I need more <.giggle>

Our last stop was Columbia Academy for my sisters Fall Festival. Its a carnival where all of the classes make boths and have food to sell and it benefits their class funds smile Worthy cause and always fun smile I got my purple cotten candy so I was super-happy ;)

Wow, insano long blog, I’m so silly!!! If you are still here, I hope you enjoyed the saga-of-Kristine's-day!!!


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