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LOL Belle!! Sounds like the

LOL Belle!! Sounds like the things that you did instead of the planned ones were still all good worthwhile things smile I thought about making cookies this weekend, too, but never ended up doing that.
I, like Khara, stayed in my PJs all weekend, but not cuz I was sick. Well, maybe a little sad, but I’m feeling better today. I did try out the Crepes with Apples idea, and they turned out good smile And I worked on <.blush> thank you notes for quite a while w/E. I even took a nap, which was interupted by the call I didn’t want to get - my dad asking me work questions (this *can't* keep happening on the weekend, it is what got my depressed thoughts going again)
So I balanced out the productive Saturday with a leisure Sunday.
Our apartment is looking so much cleaner for the staying home, and that makes me happy smile


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