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to Carol.... I laughed

<.giggle> to Carol.... I laughed out loud when I heard your idea about using the carnivorous plant stamps on your invitations <.g> I’m sure you’d get some people to wonder smile It would be just perfect if they had cute bee stamps, huh?! I actually love the love stamps that they have had lately, with the nice pretty heart on it? That’s what I used for my wedding invites smile (and for everything.... love stamps/love-productions? I’m a love-heart freak!) But the new ones that you blogged about are also wonderful because the love story of Abigail Smith and John Adams is one of the first biographies that I loved as a child smile So thanks for pointing this out to make me smile smile

As for tubes, they are a Paint Shop Pro feature. They are kinda like rubber stamps; you download a tube which has an image or a set of images that are alike and then you use the tube tool to place them in an image or a collage or something. You can download some of PSP’s basic ones at the Tube Page The largest tube site (where I always start my search) is at Diana’s Free Tube Site.
If you want to see an image I made with tons of tubes, here’s one for a challenge on one of my artist newsgroups. Seasons uses quite a few leaf tubes, cloud tubes, raindrop tubes, etc., etc smile
So tubes are cool smile


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