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Morning.... :-) I've definately decided

Morning.... smile
I’ve definately decided that I’m getting sick, but the cold meds are making it be either postponed or calmed down from what it would be. When the Dayquil wore off last night, I felt pretty tired and achy and stuffy again. Contact made me sleep for the night w/o sniffling, but my throat is sore this morning again. I can feel the tinglies from the Contact still <.giggle> Some cold meds totally do that - you can feel them working! So I guess I’ll take more Dayquil before work and hope that it works for the whole day since its Wednesday, which is my secretary’s early day to go home (our school systems around here have early release on Wednesdays), so that means I’m in charge of the office myself! AHHH!! Sometimes, its scary, and sometimes, its just quiet... I’ll pray for quiet today <.g>
So now, I have to finish the Angelquotes theme because I just couldn’t sit at the computer last night to do it smile