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Its Friday, Its Friday!!!!!!! That

Its Friday, Its Friday!!!!!!!

That means I don’t have to work tomorrow Yea!!!

(Now, I know I have to work Sunday already, but I suppose if I prepare for that its not as bad as just thinking I *might* have to)

Today is my sisters Senior Recognition. I think I’m gonna try to go because its really important to her smile It’ll depend on whether or not I have a ride because E wouldn’t make it in time if he had to stop and get me. Guess I’ll talk to Mom. We talked about it the other day, and she didn’t remember going to my Senior Rec. That’s why it seems important to me to try and go for Meg because I remember feeling bad being recognized and having no one there to be proud for me.
Sorry, that was a sad thought!!

I have lots to accomplish today smile The new computer for my desk is scheduled to be delivered today!! I’m so excited! Its a Athlon 800 Mhz, with a 30GB hard drive (fast one - 7200RPM), 128 MB of RAM,
I feel really good about this, even though its not a name brand that I know as well. It was given a VERY high rating on C|net We are going to get a CD-RW drive for it and a monitor this weekend. I’ve already got a mouse and a keyboard and E has an extra network card. And then the computer on my desk will move into Annette’s office so that she will be able to run the new software needed.

We are getting so much done on our information gathering - quite a way through the steps needed to know everything about our inventory items smile So we’ll keep going (fueled by cupcakes <.g>) as fast as we can to get as much done today as humanly possible w/o letting normal responsiblities slide!

So that’s my little big blog for the moment.... have a good day, chicas! smile


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