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Nice long Tuesday morning post

Nice long Tuesday morning post smile

Its so nice to have Blogger trying to get back to normal smile I still miss the search feature!

I have a pinched nerve or something. The inside of my right-hand ring finger is tingling again (it did this yesterday) Its very odd.

It’s Tuesday. That means that tomorrow, I am jetting off to my in-laws in So. California until Saturday. That is making me nervous!!! I don’t even have clothes set out for packing yet, and that’s making me nervous, too
(Its gonna be 48 here today, and 70 in Loma Linda today <.giggle> does that mean I can wear sandles?!!)

Oh, last night, my brother was such a jerk to my mom. She called me crying because he had been so rude and just swore up a storm to her because she wouldn’t go back to work to get his paycheck for him (he slept thru the afternoon and missed getting it). So while she was on the phone with me telling me how upset she was, he came and knocked on my door! I was totally freaked and didn’t want to answer it, so I just ignored it - I’ll tell him that I was napping if he asks, I guess. He needs to not be at my parents house anymore. He’s just such an ass.

I got so much done at work yesterday; lets hope I can do the same today since I’m not working tomorrow!!!

My stomach is really upset. It has been for quite some time - I can tell that some of it is the stress pains in my side. I don’t know what the rest of it is <.sigh> Blah, I hate this feeling!

Okay, I checked my intinerary again (like I will 750 times more before we leave <.g>) It doesn’t give us assigned seats, so we’ll have to get there pleanty early so we can sit together!!!

Now I must go send Angelquotes - later, friends!


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