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Well, my cold hasn't gone

Well, my cold hasn’t gone away yet. It has stuck around since the beginning of the week before last, and now my head is getting all stuffy feeling again <.pout.> The sucky thing is that last december, I spent a good portion of the month feeling just like crap because I was so sick.
And I hated it.... I didn’t get to do anything fun for E’s bday (the 17th), I didn’t get to spend the time and care I wanted to on Christmas shopping or wrapping, I didn’t get to make Christmas cookies barely at all, I didn’t get to go to our company party, and I didn’t even have a Christmas tree. So I don’t want that to happen again. I must be well!
But I have to tell ya, walking home in the cold isn’t helping that!!
So, send happy vibes my way that no more sick bugs fly onto me!!! I must be well and happy for the Christmas season!!!!!


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