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Grrrr. That pretty much sums

Grrrr. That pretty much sums up my current mood. LOL This week has not been a pretty one. <.g> I’m stressed over my grandfather having all the tests done to see what can be done for his cancer, I’m stressed about the fact that my dad might lose his job tomorrow, I’m stressed that I’m still writing that damned paper I was last weekend and it’s due tomorrow, I’m stressed that this paper sucks (I’m on page 7 of 8 and just now kinda got to the point of what the paper should be), and to top it all off, my one big side effect to my new med is nausea. (There are others, but this is the almost constant one.) At least I’m getting some exercise running to the bathroom. LOL

Please make this semester be over. I need a fresh start.


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