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Melodramatic post to follow..... Sometimes,

Melodramatic post to follow.....
Sometimes, I wish I was someone else.
Sometimes I wish that I was a writer. Carol questions her writing to be a talent or a curse. I say talent. I don’t feel like I have the same gift as some people do to say things that others really enjoy reading. Yeah, I’m a hellishly wonderful proofreader, and I can create filler that teachers always love, but in the real world, I don’t know if I could ever write an article for a magazine or even an online review site and actually attract attention for it.
Sometimes I wish that I was an artist. Ann has the problem of people using her graphics without permission. She’s super talented. I practically have to turn over backwards to get people to use mine. And when they come out of my head, the same sparkle that they had inside isn’t there, and its frustrating. Makes me wish for more natural artistic talent.
Sometimes, I wish that I was having a baby. Cheryl and Carrie may be having lots of morning sickness, but come July 5th and whenever Carrie is due, they’ll be happy and proud mommies. But the main reason why I wish this is because it would be a good reason for me to stay at home instead of working. I know I’m not ready to be a mommy right now, and won’t be for a while, but it would bring a very different life for me.
Sometimes, I wish I was a better manager of my time. Belle and Gillian and Jill changed their blogs over to greymatter, and they are really nice... Gina and Tina and Melyssa changed their blogs to have a winter theme, and they all look great. But without time, I can’t switch over to the new layout and possibly blogging technique that I want. Where does my time go?
Sometimes, I’m glad to be me. But it isn’t always easy to anticpate the turns life throws at you.... and it makes it easier to want to place yourself in someone else shoes, no matter how much harder their life might be!
...I don’t always feel this melodramatic. But as I read my blogs tonight, this came out! Sorry!!!


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