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I might be getting a

I might be getting a car this weekend!!
My dad found one that has had regular service checks and is very well taken care of in Longview (about an hour away, where he goes for his service checks). Its an 87 Honda Accord LXi with 190,000 miles on it, and its silver. The Kelly Blue Book on it is just over 4000 and she wants about 2500. The main thing about it is that its a manual transmission and I wanted an automatic because <.blush.> I have never gotten my license. I passed drivers ed the summer I was 17, but no one would let me drive after that, and I didn’t push to drive because I wasn’t super excited about the prospect of hitting something or someone. (Yes, I’m a huge scaredy cat here!) So I’m 24, and I’m hoping that I can learn to drive this in the next month on old roads where cops won’t find me practising w/o a permit (last time I went to get one, they said they wouldn’t give me another one because it had been so long in between <.sigh.>) so then I can go in and get my license with my own car. And then, I’ll be able to drive to work, and the whole moving thing will be much easier smile So please cross your fingers for me that this is the right one or that we’ll find the right one soon smile I get to drive up with him and see it this evening probably, and then I can come back and think about it, and if I think this is the right one, we’ll go back with a licensed driver to help me take it home


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