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So, about 2ish, I started

So, about 2ish, I started getting a headache. It turned into an evil migraine, and I didn’t get to go to Longview with Dad. I wish I knew what triggered it... I haven’t had caffine all week because of my cold, and so if I was having caffine withdrawals, it would have been earlier this week. I did eat lunch - a little late, but I did eat. I didn’t do much different today except being very into my work because I was trying accomplish two peoples work... but I did take short breaks from staring at the screen. I don’t understand.... This one wasn’t as bad as the last one (went to look it up for my own reference), but it lasted for several hours until I finally decided to go home and I sat in the quiet, and I know that helped. <.sigh.> I’m documenting this more for my own knowledge later on if this happens again, because it worries me when these things happen. My doctor told me when I went to visit her in April that most people don’t have adult onset migraines - apparently most people have them from childhood on.... has anybody heard anything about this? I’m gonna have to do some research.
But I’m starting to feel more coherent and alive now - my muscles always get really sore after a migraine, so I’ll need a backrub from my favorite boy <.giggle.> Poor guy!


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