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My life is very exciting

My life is very exciting at the beginning of the TV seasons smile Since I’m such a list person, I’m particularly thrilled to make up lists of the shows I can’t wait to watch smile So bear with me, the tv-aholic smile

reruns of The Simpsons and Friends
8pmThe Simpsons
7th Heaven
Buffy (WB)Dawsons Creek
(WB) / Titans (NBC)
Friends (NBC)Sabrina &Gross
9pm Roswell (WB)Angel (WB)Felicity? (WB)  

And then on a daily basis, I watch (taped, of course, and much in fastforward!) As The World Turns, General Hospital, and All My Children.
Being a tv junkie isn’t all bad. I know that once the season gets further underway, I always dump a few of the shows for other things that must be done. But it sure is fun for a while to be watching such a wide fun variety of things! smile


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