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I had the best time

I had the best time last night! My best friend drove down and we went to see Matchbox Twenty. I’m so in love with Rob Thomas! Our seats were dead center, but up kinda high. (Section C, row 4) So we couldn’t see his face very well, but we were quite able to see the black leather pants. Isn’t that what counts? LOL Anyway, he has the coolest speaking voice. Kinda sweet and smooth, and I could listen to it for hours. <.g> Not to mention, he likes to wiggle and dance around on stage. Very nice. LOL

My favorite song of their has long been 3 AM, but now I have new favorites! I didn’t know Rob played the piano, but he does. So they pulled out a baby grand, and he played You Won’t Be Mine and Bed of Lies. The first is just so hauntingly beautiful, with the violins and trumpets. I’m playing the CD now, and loving it! I hadn’t been loving it like I do the first, but now I think they’re both great.


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