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Cheryl, sorry to worry you!!!

Cheryl, sorry to worry you!!! smile I spent the last day and a half looking at a new software package for our business. Because it is one of those 15 trials only ones, I didn’t want to have too many other things up at work (include AOL or Altavista to connect) to crash it and loose one of my valuable trial options. But, it looks awesome. I wish I could find a good way to analyze whether it would really be perfect before my secretary and I spend hours implementing it over the entire Christmas season so it’ll be ready at the beginning of the year. There are two versions, Peachtree Complete Accounting and Peachtree 2000 and I’m trying hard to figure out which is better (there’s a major price difference, but I’m not sure whether the 2nd is worth that much more or not. Ah, the joy of business management!!!!


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