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My friend Robyn just e-mailed

My friend Robyn just e-mailed me from the hospital. : ( She’s 33 weeks pregnant, and went into premature labor last night. She’ll be released tomorrow, but probably with complete bedrest for at least 2-3 weeks, and maybe even until the baby comes. She’s so sad and scared and mad, because her wedding anniversary is in 4 days. She and Chris had planned to go to Disney World again (that’s where they were married), and now they can’t jeopardize her or the baby’s health. She’s also scared because she’s not ready to be a mommy yet, she needs those extra two months. So let’s all send her some happy thoughts and prayers so she and Madeline/Samantha/Sean/Robert (they’re still working on names LOL) are healthy and fine and happy. : )


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