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I was watching The Today

I was watching The Today Show this morning, and Katie Couric was discussing with someone from a parents association and someone who believes that people who don’t have kids are discriminated against in the workplace. I looked all over the Today Show’s pages to see if I could find info about this, but the only thing I found (via Newsblogger) It’s Not Just Working Parents Who Want Work-Life-Balance - Hodge Its really interesting from an Human Resouces view, because I know that several younger people in our workplace have expressed that they would be happy if they could go home early, like several mothers in our business do - they are scheduled on a flexible schedule to help them take care of their kids, and we have always been good about that because we’ve had such a family atmosphere to our small business. But we also have let people take off days for going to concerts or other functions, and give a great sick policy with days off depending on seniority. So I think that it all balances out in the end..... Just an interesting topic that I thought I’d share!!


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