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Found another personality test. LOL

Found another personality test. LOL I am so bad. <.g> Anyway, this comes from Jen Lindley’s website.

Okay, you’re not a joiner. That’s Jen-esque. But seriously, you have to learn to exert some control over your destiny. Don’t just grumble and let things happen. You can’t expect everyone to make your decisions for you. Or you’ll end up alone, bitter, and miserable. Of course, you could end up that way anyway, take it from me. But anyway… you’re seriously lacking in the self-esteem department, and I should know. Try not to fall into the Joey Potter (and Dawson Leery, now that I think about it) trap of inaction due to indecision.

Comparing me to Dawson was just plain mean! <.pouty giggle> I like the DC pages, though. The X-Files OS is doing something similar for the new season.


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