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I feel so productive! I

I feel so productive! I love this feeling so much. I’ve actually accomplished the things I set out to do. (Do my Astronomy homework, review my Poli Sci book to try and find a topic, and start picking next sem’s classes.) What confuses me is why I haven’t been doing this lately. I make my lists so I can cross things off, and I used to do everything. Yes, with stories and talking and procrastination in between, but it *always* got done. This year though, I’ve been slacking off. I don’t do things I know that I need to, I deliberately skip homework assignments, and I don’t like it! I’ve been all sad and mopey and energyless this semester, and I think that’s affecting my work, and I don’t know why I’m like this. <.sigh>

Well, I made myelf some popcorn as a reward for getting stuff done. Come on over if you want some! : ) Maybe we can watch this week’s Buffy and Angel. <.giggle>


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