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For those of you who

For those of you who wondered, our BarenakedLadies concert was EXCELLENT. The situation with my sister’s birthday did change. She was put in an impossible situation at work, and then fired about an hour before we were supposed to go. So, she called me, and I called Eric, and she ended up getting to go with me and Lisa as it was supposed to be originally.
We were in the 2nd level on the side, but it was a really nice view. Guster opened for BNL, and they were lots of fun because the drummer played the drums totally with his hands! They sang one song that sounded familiar - Fa fa, I think.
Then BNL came out, and they were hilarious the whole time. They sang many songs I knew, but quite a few I didn’t. Their stage was really neato - it was like a giant head with lighted hair and they came out of the giant mouth, and the hands held two giant screens. Very hard to explain, but it was cool smile
We had lots of fun, and it was nice to be out with the girls smile I’d highly recommend going to one of their concerts if you get the chance smile


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