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I've had trick or treaters!

I’ve had trick or treaters! LOL Fun stuff. See, there are four dorm buildings in my residence hall, and so we arranged a trick or treating thing in the building. My roommate is a vamp from Buffy - she bought liquid latex and made herself ridges and a grrr face. Me, I don’t get much into this holiday when I don’t have friends forcing me into dressing up. So, I’m Willow from Buffy this year. LOL Jeans, cute little green poncho, and I flipped the ends of my hair out (since I already have her hair color and style! <.g>). I also have a spell book and did a few Wiccan Samhain celebrationy things. Great costume, don’t you think? <.snicker>

(PS, no I didn’t call up any demons. <.g> I buried an apple to feed the dead as they pass to the other realm or wherever they head. I would have lit a candle to help guide their way, but can’t in a dorm. So, I lit up orange and purple light strings in my window instead. LOL)

Happy Halloween/Samhain!


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